Is 2017 the year of the most eco friendly bathroom?

As each year goes by, we find ourselves becoming more and more conscious of the importance of reducing our environmental footprint. Whether it be investing in solar panels, or installing a rainwater system, engaging in a more eco-friendly style of life has not only proven to be an environmentally responsible choice, but a cost-effective one as well. So is it any wonder that 2017 may be the year of the most eco-friendly bathroom? Here are just a few of the eco-friendly bathroom ideas that we will most likely be hearing a lot about in 2017.

Low Flow Toilets

Its no secret that one of the biggest water wasters in the home is unfortunately, a necessity that we just can’t live without – the toilet. In fact, toilets alone account for nearly 30% of the amount of water that we consume in our home every day (that’s more than your washing machine!). Initially, low flow toilets were met with little praise, due mostly to their not so great flushing abilities. However, in more recent years, low flow toilets have stepped up their game a bit, and have even been praised by many as offering an even better flush than their water wasting counterparts.

Installing Aerators on Taps and Showers

If you’re like most, you’re often looking for ways to even further reduce your water usage. Installing an aerator on your taps is an excellent, and virtually unnoticeable way to accomplish that. The beauty of installing aerators on your bathroom taps is that although they will substantially reduce the amount of water that you use in the bathroom, as their high pressure water flow allows for the same satisfying showers that you have always had.

Saving the Earth Whilst Saving Money

With the consistent cost of living increases often outweighing average household wage increases, choosing an eco-friendly way of life in 2017 will prove to be not only a choice that we make for environmentally responsible reasons, but financial reasons as well. Choosing to live an eco-friendly lifestyle has gone from a hip and trendy thing to do, to both an environmental and financial necessity.

With each passing year it becomes more and more clear that we cannot ignore what is happening to our planet, and more importantly, what we need to do to stop it. Will 2017 be the year of the most eco-friendly bathroom? Perhaps. Should 2017 be the year of the most eco-friendly bathroom? Most definitely.