4 Signs You Have Picked The Right Bathroom Designer

Installing a new bathroom into your home can be a very stressful time, and the disruption, chaos and annoyance of a potentially messy house can be hard work. Employing a bathroom specialist to help take some of the strain and of course design you an amazing new bathroom is a great idea. However how do you know if youve picked the right designer? Are they up to the task at hand? And are you going to get the bathroom you dream of? Here are the 4 signs they youve picked the right person for the job!


Theyre a Logical Thinker

Designers are, of course, creative thinkers. They generate ideas and create beautiful spaces. But is your bathroom designer a logical thinker too? Your bathroom should look good, but its just as important that a bathroom is laid out correctly, flows with how you use it and contains enough functional storage – after all, its a key part of the home and theres no point in having a beautiful bathroom if its not user-friendly.


Youll know youve picked the right designer if they have asked you lots of questions about how you use the space, how much storage you require and what for. And if in doubt, see if they can show you a 3D mock-up many have the software to do so.


Attention to Detail

Your designer should spend a lot of their time eyeing up the small details, and should be obsessed about getting the little things right. After all, you are paying for a top- quality job. Their attention to detail starts right at the beginning when you and your designer discuss your design likes and dislikes, wants and needs and should end with a bathroom thats finished to perfection.


Knows their materials

A good bathroom specialist will always be able to offer advice on what materials will go well together, and they may show you lots of samples. This is a good sign indeed being able to see and touch the textures at play within the design will bring it to life for you.


Know their Trade

A bathroom specialist is not just there to design, but to implement, project manage and ensure the job is completed correctly right to the very end. A great bathroom specialist either has lots of top quality tradesman they can call upon to complete each aspect the job, quickly and correctly, or full training and a lot of experience in doing it themselves.


If your bathroom specialist ticks all the boxes, then you should soon be enjoying a bathroom that is everything you want it to be.