4 Things to Remove from your Bathroom this Year

As 2016 rolls in, we are once again thrown a series of new trends when it comes to design and decor of our home and the bathroom is not immune. Whilst many articles focus on what to include in your new bathroom, here, we take a look at the opposite end of the coin. If you are planning on upgrading and updating your bathroom this year, what should you ditch?

1.Boring floors

From laminate to neutral floor tiles and cold-to-the-touch vinyl are so last year. For those people who want to make a real statement, the floor is the place to start.

Tiling is practical for any bathroom, and non-slip floor tiles are simply essential. Designers have noticed an increasing trend of people opting for geometric patterns with a Far-Eastern twist. The good news is that you can be as colourful and out-there in your colour and pattern choices as you like.


Yes, you read that right. For those of us with en suites, the days of cramming it in behind a wall could be on the way out. Some homeowners prefer the bathing part of their bathroom to be on show in the main bedroom.And why not? With many homeowners spending thousands of pounds of fixtures and fittings, why not have them on-show?

If you prefer to floss in private, the compromise is to pull across the cleverly hidden sliding door. And the loo remains in a space all of its own, so no worries on that score.

3.Poorly designed furniture

Like flat pack furniture, some of the off-the-shelf furniture items that we can opt fall short of what we want. They offer limited storage space, and can be ill fitting in a space too.

Fitted, customised furniture is no longer just for the kitchen or the bedroom it has finally arrived in the bathroom, but with more aplomb than you can imagine.

Custom vanities are all the rage for 2016 and you can be as decadent as you want. Glass effect stools, low lighting, storage space built around you could be arriving in your bathroom in 2016.

4. Small shower enclosures

Gone are the days that you had to shower in a plastic tray measuring 80 x 80. Bathroom designers are highlighting that bigger is better at least when it comes to the shower.

The best way to get the monster shower you want is to build your own, and tile it from floor to ceiling. Incorporate built-in shelving for essential soaps and gels, and with such a gargantuan space you can opt for the biggest showerhead you can find.

What will YOUR bathroom look like in 2016?