6 apps to use in the bathroom

Ever wondered where you can get some ‘you’ time? A chance to escape the challenges of a busy day and ‘catch up’? The bathroom has increasingly become popular for such a purpose. Traditionally people have been known to retreat to the bathroom with either a good book, on trend magazine or the day’s newspaper. Some organisations even have TVs installed in their restroom facilities. However the smart phone is the new tool for a bathroom break. We’ve browsed what is out there to find what we think are the 6 best apps to use during your bathroom break.

  1. Flipboard

The equivalent of the newspaper. Use your time in the bathroom to update yourself on current news and entertainment. Content in Flipboard is organised much like a magazine so it is easy to locate the items you are interested in, or you might just want to look at the pictures. See something friends/family might be interested in? With a quick tap you can share articles with anyone.

  1. Instagram

There is never enough time to scroll through all the pictures your favourites have uploaded. Use your bathroom break wisely and double tap away. If there is still time, why not upload some of your own from that last day out?

  1. Pinterest

So much fun to be had here. Plan your next craft project, gardening adventure or even that wedding. Of course, there doesn’t need to be a purpose to your scrolling, sometimes it’s just nice to have time to browse.

  1. Twitter

Although the 140 character limit means you can post a quick status update there is the risk of getting sucked into your twitter feed – favouriting, retweeting, replying – so much so that you may end up being late for an important meeting, or miss the train!

  1. Games

Its important that any apps you choose are something that allows you to complete levels quickly without too much hassle. Angry Birds and Candy Crush Saga are the two most notable apps.

  1. Kindle

Multitasking has never been easier. Do what you need to in the bathroom while making some progress with that list of books you keep telling yourself you will read. A few pages at each toilet break may not seem much but put together and you’ll be surprised at what you have got through at the end of the day. There is no need to worry about remembering which page you were up to across your Kindle apps as with WhisperSync Amazon does that for you.