Are hand dryers really making their way into home bathrooms?

Chunky. Noisy. Ugly.

Associated with public loos at a motorway service station, the hand dryer has not always enjoyed the best of reputations, and has for decades, only been used in commercial settings.But now, with advances in technology and design, times are changing and with some of the newer, sleeker models are making their way onto the market there is a real possibility that the hand dryer could be found in domestic bathrooms across the country.

Better or not?

Under heavy use, scientists have found that some, but not all hand dryers, can aid the spread of bacteria. However, this was mainly for older types that started up with the force of a hurricane.

Their design too, fitted three quarters of the way up the wall, also contributed to bacteria splatter. However, the hand dryers that could be welcomed into the domestic bathroom are far different.

It has been known for a long time that bacteria lurk on anything we touch and making sure we wash our hands after using the loo stops the spread of nasty bugs that makes us ill. Even when we have washed out hands, drying them on a hand towel can mean we put more bacteria back than we originally washed off.

By not needing to have hand towels in the domestic bathroom, we may find that our hands are far cleaner.

Sleek design

If you still have visions of the white hand dryer with the big round, metal knob and noisy operation, then think again. Some of the latest designs from leading companies are far sleeker and pleasing to the eye.

Neither do they have to be primary coloured as we have come to expect with products from one particular company. It seems that sleek, stainless steel or aluminium hand dryers will be perfect for the domestic bathroom especially if you favour the utilitarian look.

Gimmick or not?

They could be a gimmick and may not be the success that we think they deserve but the hand dryer in the bathroom can be great way to encourage hand washing and hand drying, as well as just an all-round improvement in personal hygiene.

Domestic hand dryers are far more appealing both in design and operation no noisy hurricanes in the bathroom and they can also be far more practical too.

Whether or not youre a fan, the likelihood is, you will be visiting a home in the future that favours hand dryers more than towels.