How to Avoid Bathroom Congestion This Year

Now that everyone is back at work and school after the holiday season things will have become a little more hectic in most households. And the room which bears the brunt of the chaos is the bathroom with all the family members vying to be the first in there and some taking longer than others to come back out again!

The queue for the bathroom can be a never ending source of frustration when everyone is rushing to get ready to leave the house in the mornings. So perhaps it is now time to try and do something about the congestion in the smallest room once and for all. Here are some ideas for making your bathroom routines run more smoothly.

The En-suite Solution

When you think of an en-suite bathroom you may have in mind the kind of spacious, luxury appointments that you see in hotels but think again. Even the smallest bedroom can accommodate an en-suite shower room providing there is sufficient access to the water supply. After all, even caravans and motor-homes are fitted with shower and toilet facilities so if you have spare corner space – perhaps you could take out a cupboard or wardrobe then you have room for a small shower and toilet cubicle. The main thing to remember with a bedroom-based en-suite is that you must have a way of allowing the steam to escape, either through a window or by the installation of a fan extractor.

Install a Wetroom

If it is not possible to convert part of a bedroom then why not look at whether you could use a spare box room or storage area and convert this to a wetroom. Again, you will need easy access to the water supply and you will need to ensure that moisture can be cleaned away easily to avoid damp issues.

His and Her Sinks

If its just not possible to install a separate en-suite or wetroom then consider what you can do to remodel your existing bathroom space. An experienced plumber or bathroom fitter will be able to advise you on how to re-arrange the existing fitments to incorporate double sinks and maybe even partition off an area of the bathroom to create a private shower or toilet area.

These are just some of the ways in which you can make bathroom congestion a thing of the past and make your bathroom work better for all the family.