Bathroom Tech – The Latest Must Have Gadgets

Technology has over taken the lives of most people these days and the bathroom is no exception. People use gadgets to add convenience and entertainment to their routine and there is no shortage of gadgets designed for the bathroom. Take a look at this list of some of the most interesting and innovative gadgets that will make spending time in your bathroom a pleasure.


LED Colour Changing Shower Head

Your ordinary morning shower can be turned into an awe-inspiring light show. Start your day right with the entertaining LED colour changing shower head that features green lights when the water is cold, blue for warm temperatures and red once the water is steaming hot. A wireless remote also allows for the colour to be manually changed to suit anyone’s preferences.

Heated Toilet Seats

Heated toilet seats are a wonderful gadget for any bathroom and provide the perfect solution to the unpleasant coolness of a standard porcelain toilet seat. There are various models of heated toilet seats available and they keep the seat up to 25 degrees warmer and also help resist the growth of bacteria, mould and other toxins because of a special treatment applied to the seat.

Touch Screen Bathroom Mirror

Even bathroom mirrors are now being equipped with display screens. Touchscreen bathroom mirrors have controls built right into the mirror’s surface that allow you to control your iPod right from the mirror. This is ultra-convenient when primping in the morning. These high tech bathroom mirrors feature many other functions as well including lighting controls, a convenient mirror defogger and a barometer.

Electric Toothbrush with Wireless Remote

Electric toothbrushes are not an unfamiliar concept and are found in many homes already. This clever gadget has been expanded upon with models that now offer a wireless remote. The remote serves as a data center that displays a variety of details about your brushing habits, such as pressure, brushing times and other hygiene essential information. This toothbrush even notifies you when it time for the brush head to be replaced.

Smart Taps

If you feel like turning the taps on and off and adjusting the water temperature is too much of a nuisance than a smart tap is perfect for you. Smart taps use facial recognition technology to identify that is using the sink and adjusts the settings to your individual preferences. The touch screen display on the tap also allows the user to have access to weather data and personal information such as your email and agenda.

There is no end to the fascinating gadgets available for homeowners to install in their bathrooms to bring technology with them literally everywhere they go.  Why not take inspiration from technology when creating your new bathroom?