Bathroom Trends for 2015

The bathroom is a room that we now luxuriate in and it is the space in a property that everyone needs to use. The days of not being in the bathroom long because it was cold, stark and unwelcoming are now long gone and the bathroom trends for 2015 are all geared for making the bathroom space as high-tech, stylish and functional as every other room in the house;

Trend 1 – High tech cabinet

Technology is available throughout the house but tech in the bathroom – other than your electric toothbrush – has been lacking… until now that is.

Hot out of the designer shows are the refrigerated high tech cabinets for the bathroom. Perfect for keeping medication cool, to ensuring that those expensive beauty products last, a refrigerated cabinet is something to keep your eyes peeled for.

Trend 2 –Tech- heavy shower

The shower cubicle is also having a technological makeover. The shower is functional and has been seen as a ‘quick in and out’, rather than a place to lounge; for that, you needed a bath. But shower cubicles are not only bigger, but also full of great tech including different pressures at different angles, as well as LCD TVs for when you need to keep an eye on your favourite soaps.

Trend 3 –Bathtub with ears!

We are used to seeing music and lighting in the bathroom, but what about them being part of the tub? Your docking station will be hidden and safe in a cabinet but the speakers are nowhere to be seen because this high tech bathtub has the speakers in its walls.

Trend 4 – Use water smarter

Many of the earth’s natural resources are dwindling and using less water is no longer the only consideration in the bathroom. Using water smarter is important so keep an eye out for not only dual flushing loos, but also toilet and taps that aerate the water so that you use less.

Trend 5 –Hands-free taps

You may have seen them in public washrooms and now the hands-free sensor tap is making its ways to the domestic bathroom. Perfect for stemming the flow of germs from one user to another, the tap has motion detector in its base and thus when you need water, just waft your hard close to the sensor and a trickle of clean water emerges. Incorporating aeration in the water means that this new generation of taps are also great for using water smarter.

Which one of these five trends will you follow in your next bathroom redesign – or will you make it something completely your own?