Bringing Bling Into The Bathroom

The common bathroom has transformed from a purely functional room, to a place of luxury and in some cases ‘bling’. If you’re wanting to create the perfect bathroom that has all the glitz and glamour of a rock star, then we have some helpful hints on how to do it.

Go Designer

What better way to make a statement in your bathroom than opting for some designer style. Top designers, Versace have a range of luxury tiles and even bathroom suites that will definitely make your bathroom look the business. Deck it out with gold tiles, a sumptuous bath and maybe even a few inlays featuring the iconic Versace Medusa head logo, so there’s no mistaking you have designer taste.

Glitz and Glitter

Another great way to bring bling into your bathroom is to get creative with your tiling. With the popularity for more glamourous bathrooms, there is now plenty of choices for glitter, mirrored and glass tiles that can give your bathroom a wonderfully glamourous look. You can even have your tiles grouted with a glitter grout that will have your tiles sparkling all day, every day.

Bring on the Bubbles

What better way to bring bling to your bathroom than with a big, sumptuous corner bath, where you can relax and feel like a celebrity every night. If your budget will stretch you could even opt for a Jacuzzi bath, so you can crack open the champagne and sink back amongst the bubbles.

Top Taps

If you’re going bling in your bathroom, you definitely need to have some taps that fit the bill. Everything needs to match, so fitting shiny chrome or opulent gold taps, depending on your bath suite style and tiles, will really help to finish the look.

In The Lime Light

To complete the look of your bling bathroom, why not opt for some new lighting. Think over the top crystal chandeliers if you have the ceiling height, or maybe opt for contemporary designs with different coloured lights so you can adjust the lighting to suit your mood and make your whole bathroom sparkle.


Another nice touch is to go all out and get some personalised towels, robes and other bathroom accessories made, so you can feel like a proper star every time you step out the shower.