Changing Your Radiators – What to Consider.

You may have decided to change your radiators for a number of reasons.  Perhaps you are selling your house -brand new radiators, indeed a brand new heating system, are a great selling point.  If your old radiators are looking a bit ratty or are not as efficient as they need to be, this can certainly make buyers think twice about whether they are prepared to spend extra money on upgrading the heating system.  And because radiators come in a whole range of different styles to suit various styles in decor, it could certainly be a way to add value to your property, whether you are selling or not. This is particularly true for the bathroom, as a great bathroom can add a lot of interest to a property.So what do you need to consider before you make your decision?

DIY or Professional?

The most essential consideration revolves around installation.  If you are reasonably competent then you can probably save yourself a lot of money by putting in the radiators yourself, although your first problem may be about how to get them transported to your home.  If in any doubt though, do hire a certified heating engineer as any mistakes you make could prove costly to put right.

Can your Boiler Cope?

How old is your boiler?  An older boiler will be starting to lose efficiency so it’s probably a good idea to have a health check done on it first.  Then basically you need to work out whether your boiler’s energy output is sufficient for the number and size of radiators you want to install.  A common error comes with installing radiators which are too big or too numerous for the boiler to comfortably cope with; conversely, if you don’t have enough radiators or they are too small then a boiler with a large BTU to KW output will constantly need to be turned down.

Decide on the Look you Want.

Assuming now that you’ve decided you really do want to change the radiators (and you’ve ascertained that they don’t just need bleeding to restore optimum efficiency) then the only thing left to do is to decide what kind of radiators you want.  Installing modern stylish radiators can not only enhance the appearance of a room they can also increase the amount of heat being fed into the room.   Radiators now come in all sorts of styles, from minimalist panels to traditional cast-iron to vertical towel heaters, and in different colours, not just white.  So why be limited by tradition?