Eco-friendly AND beautiful bathroom designs and ideas

The bathroom is not immune to the need to be eco-friendlier. Here we suggest some great ideas to make your bathroom green without compromising on beauty.

Low flow loos

In an average household, of all the water consumed, a quarter of it will be from flushing the loo. In some cases, you may be using too much water.Changing the loo to a modern, green low flow or low flush toilet is an instant hit when it comes to creating a greener space. The great news is that these green, low flush loos are also available in a range of designs, from the traditional to the ultra-modern.

Motion sensor taps

If you are really serious about making your bathroom greener and decreasing water consumption without compromising on hygiene, then motion sensor taps are the way forward.

Literally perfect for any home, the tap will only run when the sensor detects movement or lack of light in front of it. As soon as you move away, the tap stops. Kids love them and the possibility of leaving the tap running is no longer a problem.

Green your bathroom with plants

You can of course, have a moisture and heat loving plant placed in the bathroom, making the space far more pleasant and healthier feeling too.However, this making the bathroom green has now been taken one step further with designers incorporating plants in the bathroom furniture itself. Spaces for plants in the washbasin top and so on are common but many homeowners are creating beautiful green walls too.

If you are opting for a complete bathroom makeover, choose one wall to fill with moisture loving plants. Not only does it look stunning but the room smells fantastic too.

Use reclaimed or recycled materials

If you are really looking to push the boundaries, then take a walk to the local junk yard. Salvage old tiles as well as bathroom furniture that can be given a new lease of life.There are some real treasures to be found with many people getting their hands on some real old antiques that simply finish off their bathroom perfectly.

If pre-used is not your idea of heaven then opting for natural stone items rather than porcelain is a great way of creating a unique look, but staying green and eco-friendly too.

A green bathroom, like the rest of your home, can be simply stunning!