How to Tell if your Shower is on its Way Out

There are a few ways to tell that it might just be time to start shopping for a nice, new shower to complement your beautiful bathroom – and help to get you up, out and at ‘em every morning, or just plain chilled out, recharged and relaxed every evening:

Is it time to replace your shower?

  1. If you’ve had it absolutely ages – we’re talking years – and it stops working properly, or develops faults, the chances are it will cost more to repair than to replace. And that’s if the plumber even knows how to repair it – some of the older showers are completely obsolete now with obscure and often irreplaceable parts.
  2. If any kind of problem that can’t easily be sorted by an honestand reasonable plumber (unless of course it’s a more expensive and modern shower, or still under a guarantee or extended warranty)
  3. If it’s leaking from the unit itself. This is never a good thing and the shower’s electricity supply should be cut off until it’s mended or replaced.
  4. If you’re not totally and completely confident it was fitted correctly in the first place – especially if it’s an electric shower – or if you inherited it when you moved in and have no certification.
  5. If it’s inefficient, perhaps taking ages to heat up, for example, therefore wasting water and energy – particularly galling if you are on a water meter.
  6. If it has poor water pressure despite otherwise good pressure throughout the rest of the house.If your overall water pressure isn’t good, certain sorts of shower can make up for that.
  7. If it’s icky, yellowed-plastic and old fashioned – get a nice new chrome one or it’s just a blight on your bathroom. A new, attractive and efficient model will make you happier – and if you’re selling your home, could help swing the sale.
  8. You don’t need a bath any more – maybe it’s time for that conversion to a full walk-in shower or even a wet-room.
  9. You’ve seen a fabulous new one and you just WANT it.
  10. You’re aware of the health risks, and you’re a little worried. On a serious note, although rare, Legionnaires disease has been known to be caused by contaminated showers the bacteria feed on impurities in the water such as rust, algae and limescale – issues not uncommon in ancient showers.


A beautiful new shower need not cost the Earth and will make all the difference to your bathroom – and maybe even your health and wellbeing.