New Spring Tiling Trends for Luxury Bathrooms

What are the spring tile trends that promise to turn your bathroom into an extraordinarily luxurious space, without losing function or form?

Patterned Tiles

The range of patterned tiles is growing, and there are beautiful patterns to add to your bathroom. Even better, you dont need to spend hours poring over choices because any colour goes, as long as its patterned.

Perfect for softening hard edges and walls, the patterned tile brings an air of luxury and gentility to your bathroom. Perfect for ringing the changes without being too quirky.

Creative Layouts

The smaller, narrower rectangular tile is also on trend this coming spring but instead of opting for horizontal patterns, create a herringbone pattern (place tiles diagonally on the wall). Be as creative as you like with these tiles.

Use across the entire space or use creative layouts to add a focal point to a room. Use the floor as the space to add a hint or something different.

Coloured Tiles Shimmering, Moody Emerald Green

If there is one colour to take a closer look at, it is the drama of deep emerald green. Use sparingly unless you have a large luxurious bathroom that wont become too closed with such a dark wall colour. Or use across the floor with underfloor heating for a look and feel of luxury like never before.

For a fantastically on-trend look, add brass accessories to compliment the earthiness of the dark green tiling.

Hex-Shaped Tiles

If you want something bright, modern and fun, then hex-shaped tiles are the must-have shape for your luxury bathroom this spring.

Bright white hex-shaped tiles are perfect for bringing light and elegance into the space. Team with bright coloured accessories and tiles but make the star of the sow the shaped tiles.

Vintage Tiles

If you are an avid upcycler, you will know that getting your hands on vintage tiles is like finding gold dust. But it can be done. If not, opt for modern-vintage tiles and make them the showcase of your bathroom across the floor. And dont be afraid to make a statement.

Black is Back

You may argue its never been out but black is definitely back in for adding depth and drama to a luxurious bathroom. But again, interior designers suggest that furniture, such as taps, and accessories are brass or gold in colour for an extra wow factor.

With some great options for your bathroom tiling available, why not opt for a statement tile that will really set your bathroom off.