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Jan 2017

How to Avoid Bathroom Congestion This Year

Now that everyone is back at work and school after the holiday season things will have become a little more hectic in most households. And the room which bears the brunt of the chaos is the bathroom with all the family members vying to be the first in there and some taking longer than others […]

4 Top Tips for Changing Your Taps


Sep 2015

4 Top Tips for Changing Your Taps

In Design Tutorials By Bathroom Design

Changing your taps is a job simple enough that the average person can do it successfully with just a little bit of research and a few handy tips to make the job a little easier. Described below is the process in a simple and easy to understand way, helping you to get your taps changed […]

How to install new taps


Jun 2015

How to install new taps

In Design Tutorials By olioli

Installing new taps are a quick, easy and cheap way to give a new look to your bathroom. Often, just changing the little details can add a new lease of life to your bathroom, making it look more modern. It is relatively easy to change your own taps so you don’t need to employ the […]

Clever space solutions for your bathroom


Jul 2014