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Mar 2017

New Spring Tiling Trends for Luxury Bathrooms

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What are the spring tile trends that promise to turn your bathroom into an extraordinarily luxurious space, without losing function or form? Patterned Tiles The range of patterned tiles is growing, and there are beautiful patterns to add to your bathroom. Even better, you dont need to spend hours poring over choices because any colour […]

Expecting guests for Christmas?


Nov 2015

Expecting guests for Christmas?

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With the summer over, thoughts turn inevitably to the next big holiday – and your heart may sink. If you’ve got guests coming for Christmas and your bathroom isn’t up to scratch, you may find that an already stressful occasion becomes a real headache. However, there are some quick steps you can take to give […]

What’s New in Bathroom Technology


Jul 2014

What’s New in Bathroom Technology

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