Top tips for moving bathroom radiators

Whether your bathroom radiator is simply in the wrong place, or if you’re looking at a full re-fit of your bathroom, moving your radiators is not a task to be undertaken lightly – although it can bring rewards. Here are some top tips to think about before moving bathroom radiators.

Make sure the move will be worth it

It’s worth taking the time to think carefully about what’s wrong with where the radiators are, and why you want to move them. Whether it’s to change the configuration of your bathroom suite or simply because you think there’s a better place the radiators could be, remember that no one likes a cold bathroom. Make sure the new position for your radiator will work in terms of keeping your bathroom warm as well as fitting in with the new design.

Check the radiator too

If you are moving the radiator it may be worth checking that the radiator itself is an appropriate size for your bathroom. If it isn’t, then the move may be for nothing. You can carry out an analysis of radiator and room size to make sure that you’ve got the right sized radiator for your room.

Consider the pipework

Moving a radiator can be reasonably straightforward or pretty tricky depending on a number of factors including the pipework. If you’re moving the radiator more than a couple of centimetres, you will need to work out whether you will need new pipework and how easy it will be to install. Much of this will depend on other factors in the room such as the flooring. If you are completely redoing the whole room, including taking up and relaying the floor, then moving the radiator may be a far easier proposition. Make sure you will be able to conceal the new pipework behind skirting boards or under the floor.

Timing is everything

Again, if you are undertaking a wholescale remodelling of your bathroom, you’ll know that the bathroom is going to be out of action for some time. However, it’s worth remembering that depending on the factors involved, such as new pipework, your bathroom may be unheated for a day while the system is drained down and the radiator re-fitted in its new position.

Use a professional

Unless you are very handy with your plumbing skills, moving a radiator – in a bathroom or elsewhere in the house – may be a job that is best left to a professional plumber.