What’s new in bathroom technology for 2016?

The bathroom might not be the place that you immediately associate with loads of gadgets and tech but it is fast becoming the smallest room in the house with the biggest impact in technology.What gadgets could you include in your bathroom in 2016? Lets take a look through some of the great ideas being touted

Music in the shower

The concept is not new with various waterproof radios being on the market for a long time. However, in the main the quality of sound has been poor. As a result, leading manufacturers are creating musical showerheads that dont compromise on the quality of your showering tunes nor the shower itself. Keep an eye out for some early prototypes in 2016.

Responsive showering

If tunes in the shower are not quite enough, you may want to take a look at some of the intelligent, responsive shower panels on offer. The normal shower control can be altered so if you prefer a hot shower but the other half prefers a cooler one, then you simply change the setting. But wouldnt it be great to have even more control, including the water flow?

Responsive showering is not just about setting the water temperature, but also about the type of water flow you like, from five minutes of pulsating flow to 10 minutes of gentle, water massage. Current examples are expensive but like all tech, it could soon be a staple in many homes.

Smart taps

They have been touted for a while but have always been associated with public bathroom. Touchless taps are no doubt the epitome of hygiene but technology experts suggest that 2016 will be the year that sensor-motion taps will become the norm in bathroom throughout the country.

Not only hygienic but fun too, what could be better?

Integrated TVs

Again, it is not a new technology as it has been included in the bathroom previously and is still considered the epitome of luxury bathroom set-ups. But, the tech has gone one step further.

Seamless integration of the TV in the bathroom, from the cabinet door to sitting within the wall; there is no obvious TV set enclosed behind a protective glass screen. Just like technology is becoming seamless in other rooms in the house, you can apply the same in the bathroom, so you can check your email while you shave or watch the latest box set via cable whilst you luxuriate in the bath. The choice is completely yours!