Why classic, understated luxury bathrooms dont need bling

The bathroom is an essential and busy room in any home. There are times when it is the place that we also want to spend time relaxing in, taking an hour or so at the end of a busy day to soak away stresses and strains in comfortable luxury, but adding bling is not the only way of creating a sense of luxury to a bathroom. If you are looking to upgrade or re-model your bathroom, whether that is a complete re-fit or a splash of paint and new towels, why not brose through our hints and tips on creating the perfect classic and understated space?

Get matching and contrasting accessories

From towels to smaller accessories like soap holders and so on, we can often find that in the bathroom there is a range and eclectic mix of items of differ styles, shapes and colours.

Creating a link or a theme between all these items will instantly add an air of luxury to a bathroom. Decide on a colour scheme and stick with it, choosing a range of accessories that match each other and complement the space.

Top tip the must-have colour this season for the bathroom is pink. Choose any shade, and use it to lighten your walls and accent features.

Replace key components

Re-modeling the whole bathroom from scratch can be expensive and so in the interim, making small changes can make a big difference.

For example, the on trend look for taps is brass this season, so taking the plunge and getting a local plumber to update your taps will be money well spent.

If this is not quite in keeping with your home, then why not go ultra-modern with large waterfall taps? Most taps are universal fitting and will fit most baths and sinks, but check before you buy.

Natural materials

Understanding the trends in materials is also important when it comes to accessorising the bathroom. In some homes, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house and so people naturally plump for bling to help throw light around the space.

But this season, the material for creating a luxurious feel is natural materials, such as stone accessories. If you can stretch to it, why not replace the sink with a deep stone bowl and brass tap to set off the look?

Changing your bathroom to add some luxury doesnt have to mean bling. Follow the tips above and youre sure to have a luxurious bathroom that looks classic and understated too!